Dar Ultimate Hat Tournament 2016

On behalf of the Dar Hat 2016 Committee, thank you to all players, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers who helped in the success of the 2nd annual Dar es Salaam Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament!

1st Place - Lake Victoria / Green
2nd Place - Kilimanjaro / Grey
3rd/4th Place - Serengeti / Yellow, Zanzibar / Blue

Individual Awards:
Most Spirited Player, Yellow - Holden Bonwit
Most Spirited Player, Green - Jakob Lindenthal
Most Spirited Player, Grey - Florence Julius Singano 
Most Spirited Player, Blue - Erfaan Mojgani

Most Improved Player - Tecla Sungwa
Most Improved Player - Clement Andrew
Most Improved Player - Dominic Lucas

Most Valuable Player, female - Estelle Joshua
Most Valuable Player, male - Ryan Higgins

Massive thanks to the Dar Hat organizing committee:  Manon, Mwinyi, Rosie, and Freya for their hard work and coordination, and to Piotr for his amazing talent in creating the tournament logo, poster, and banner.  Thank you also to the Flying Bongos Executive Committee:  Chapa, Ueli, and Jenny for giving their full support in the tournament.  And to all players who gave "extra" contributions to the dinner funds, thank you so much!

Check out the great photo shots by Gilbert Peter and Abdallah Chapa at:

Thank you, all, so much!

Ultimate hugs and love,

G Higgins
DarHat2016 Committee Member


Date:  Saturday, 11 June 2016
Venue:  International School of Tanganyika (IST) Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The Dar es Salaam Ultimate club in Tanzania is pleased to announce its second annual Dar Ultimate Hat Tournament on Saturday 11 June 2016 at IST Masaki.  Karibu, Ultimate players and friends!

Objective - To bring together players from around Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and some from East Africa for an annual Ultimate tournament in Dar, conducted as a Hat in true competitive and fun sportsmanship, and emphasizing “Spirit of the Game”.  A “hat” tournament is when players register as individuals, noting their skill, fitness, and experience levels.  Names are then drawn, traditionally from a hat, and assigned to a team. 

A full day of fun and competitive games for all participants!


Register via this website!  Saying that you are "interested" or "will attend" on the Facebook event page does not confirm your registration.  You will be asked to rate your own skills based on throwing, catching, defense, speed, and offense.  You will also need to indicate if you are vegetarian, and if you would volunteer to be a Team Captain.  Please also notify us if you have any food restrictions.

Fee for Tanzanians/East Africans - TZS 20,000 (TZS 15,000 early bird fee, if paid before 1 June)
Fee for All Others - TZS 35,000 (TZS 30,000 early bird fee, if paid before 1 June)

* Fee includes a tournament T-shirt, lunch, fruit, drinking water, and a full day of competitive Ultimate!
* Your registration is only considered complete when full payment has been made.  "No pay, no play."

Payment Options:  Pay in cash to G, or via MPesa to Manon at +255 756 713 622.

Registration deadline:  8 June 2016 or until we reach 52 players, whichever comes first!



Teams - Four teams that represent four major geographical landmarks in Tanzania.

Serengeti / Yellow:
Charity Ineza (co-captain)
Holden Bonwit (co-captain)
Grace Mwanja
Kipechu Peter
Manon Lelievre
Meagan Bonwit
Michael Nonato
Mwinyi Fantastic
Paul Sungwa
Queenie Alex Roman
Shila John Paul
Tecla Sungwa
Theron Morgan-Brown  

Lake Victoria / Green:

Rose Chilton (co captain)
Ryan Higgins (co-captain)
Alfa Bald
Amney Saleh Said
Clement Andrew
Hamisi - Khamis Salum Wasaa
Jakob Lindenthal
Mercy Mbago
Paul Morrison
Phil Shirk
Precious - Nyangoma Mrisho Khalfani
Winnie Omollo  

Kilimanjaro / Grey: 
Colin Spurway (co-captain) 
Pamela Abonyo (co-captain) 
Ally Twalib Abdallah 
Deb Murphy 
Estelle Joshua 
Florence Julius Singano 
Jaki Kweka-Brown 
Matt Haden
Muddy Mohamed Issa Khamis 
Peter Kossakowski 
Ueli Litscher 
Victor Mussa   

Zanzibar / Blue:

Lindsay Caldwell (co-captain)
Tim Johnston (co-captain)
Agnes Philips Tulambwa
Arno Rohwedder
Chapa Altojunie-love
Dominic Lucas
Erfaan Mojgani
Erica Layer
Esther Omuseni
Fridah Mwanja
G Higgins

Gender Ratio
 - The tournament will be 5:2 (minimum of 2 ladies playing all times).  Teams can add more ladies to their line-up if they wish.

Rules - We will be applying the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013.  It will be the Captain's responsibility to ensure that their team is playing by the rules.

Schedule - Round Robin, followed by Semi-finals, and the Finals.

Games -  Captains will disc-toss at the start of each game to determine starting endzone and offense/defense.   Games will be to 11 points, with a time cap of 50 minutes (time-keeping will be centralized).  If score is tied, a universal point will be played.  Finals will be game to 13 points with a time cap of 60 minutes.   2-minute half-time at 25 minutes or when one team reaches 7 points.  Mirror at the start of the second half.   Two 2-minute time-outs per team per game.  No time-outs after the time cap is called.   The Round Robin format will follow win-loss records.  In case of a tie between teams, point differentials will be counted.

Score Sheets - Score sheets will be given to the team captain to fill up throughout the day.  These will need to be submitted to the control booth at the end of each game.

Captains' Meeting- Saturday 11 June at 8:30am.


Lunch packs, courtesy of Olive Innovative Catering (new venture of the creative and culinary minds of Black Tomato), will be provided to each player.  
- Ginger and Lemon Chicken with Herbed Rice (Veg Option:  Roasted Red Pepper and Onion in a Ginger Sauce with Herbed Rice)
- Mac 'n' cheese muffin
- Granola bar
There will be bananas and mandazi for the players, as well as drinking water, available throughout the day.  And the Wamama Kahawa coffee van will be selling their delicious coffee drinks between 8:00-10:00am and 2:30pm onwards.

Please note that, because our tournament will be on school grounds, smoking or drinking liquor is strictly prohibited.

Dinner+drink stubs for the Slow Leopard will be available for sale at the field.  Remember to bring your coupon to the Slow Leopard that night!


There will be prizes for the tournament winners, as follows:

Winning Team - Medal from Wonder Workshop, plus goodies from sponsors
Most Spirited Players (1 per team) - Goodies from sponsors
Most Improved Players (3 players from Dar Ultimate club) - Goodies from sponsors
Most Valuable Player-Male and Most Valuable Player-Female - Trophy from Wonder Workshop, plus goodies from sponsors


We will have our Awards Ceremony at the field after the Finals, followed by the Slow Leopard.

Important:  Please arrive at the Slow Leopard by 7:45pm and place your food and beverage orders by 8pm.  (There are rugby and football matches that same evening and the venue is expecting to be crowded.)  Dinner+drink stubs will be available for sale at the field during the tournament, so make sure you purchase yours beforehand!


If anyone is looking for things to do around Dar es Salaam before or after the tournament day, spending a day at the beach is always nice.  Take a boat to Mbudya Island from White Sands Hotel, or to Bongoyo Island from Slipway.  There are also nice shops to browse through and restaurants to enjoy at Slipway.  Or, you can ask any Dar player on fun things to do!


Spectators are most welcome to watch this sport that we so love!  We will be selling the following (while supplies last!):

Lunch Packs (see above) - TZS 10,000
Tournament T-shirt - TZS 10,000
Combo (lunch pack+T-shirt) - TZS 15,000


With so many players from out-of-town this year, we are planning to have a casual scrimmage at Mbalamwezi Beach Club on Sunday 12 June, from about 4:00pm until sunset.  Inquire with Mwinyi for details.  Karibu wote!


Everything you need to know for the tournament is on this website, but if you have more questions, email gghiggins7@gmail.com.

Dar Ultimate Hat Tournament 2016 event page on Facebook

Dar Ultimate Facebook page

Many thanks to Piotr for his hard work and graphic design skills in creating the DarHat2016 logo, poster, and banner artwork!

DarHat2016 - Asante Sana! 13 Jun 13:47

On behalf of the Dar Hat 2016 Committee, thank you to all players, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers who helped in the success of the 2nd annual Dar es Salaam Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament!

1st Place - Lake Victoria / Green
2nd Place - Kilimanjaro / Grey
3rd/4th Place -...

Teams! 09 Jun 21:00

Ladies and gentlemen!  Your teams for Saturday! :-)

Serengeti / Yellow:
Charity Ineza (co-captain) 
Holden Bonwit (co-captain) 
Grace Mwanja 
Kipechu Peter 
Manon Lelievre 
Meagan Bonwit 
Michael Nonato 
Mwinyi Fantastic 
Paul Sungwa 
Queenie Alex...

10 Days To Go! 01 Jun 11:33

The countdown to the Dar Hat 2016 is on... only 10 days to go now!

If you have friends who haven't yet registered, they can do so on this website <http://darultimate.hattournaments.com/2016> via their email address or Facebook account.  Please also settle your registration...